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What is a tape machine?

I remember when tape machines first came to the market. By the way, today it is called voicemail. The machine answered your phone and you could screen your calls by hearing who was calling you before you picked up the phone. It really was a game-changer.  There was no caller ID back then.  Some people would let the tape machine answer the call to hear who was calling. Then people would answer it only if they wanted to talk to you.  Some considered it rude not to answer their phone or screen the calls. I know it sounds odd but it is true.

Voicemail today is something every business is expected to have. We are comfortable with the technology and the protocol of leaving a message.  What a pain it would be to keep calling someone back till you could reach them. I am reminded of this when I call someone and get a “voicemail is full” message on their cell.

The ability to leave a message for someone is one of the most important features for any business. Your company could not function without it big or small.  It has changed the way business people conduct themselves. We all have ways of managing what calls we answer and what calls we let go to voicemail. Personally, it has been a curse to my profession which is sales. It is harder than ever to get someone on the phone.  The purpose and intent of voicemail is to provide more productivity for both the caller and the called and of course eliminate unwanted calls.

With the advent of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and the many communications options that are available, we continue to improve our professional productivity. For example, when I get frustrated by the “voicemail is full” message.  I can always send a text or SMS message to that person. Of course provided they have an SMS enabled device, which most people do.

In the case where a voicemail is left having the recording sent to my email inbox is extremely helpful as I do not need to manage inbound messages from multiple boxes. An additional feature to voicemail has been having that .wav file transcribed into text that I can read. I must say that having that transcription is again one of the little things that changes my professional life to increase my productivity. For example, these voicemails can be read and then decide if you need to break from the meeting or call you are on and address the issue left on voicemail. Now just as with my tape machine, I can screen my voicemail without listening to them to decide if I need to break what I doing in order to address the issue presented on the voicemail.

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