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VoIP Frustrations

You have had several different VoIP companies and the voice quality is still not what you want. Phones are the lifeblood of your business. These providers have shipped you a phone. You go through the pain and effort to plug them in. Do your due diligence to port numbers and all the prep work that is necessary. Employees are ready and trained. Then the big day happens, and the results are the same. Everyone is upset and frustrated. The promise of VoIP has failed again. The company cannot take advantage of all the features that VoIP can provide.

You tell yourself this VoIP stuff just does not work. Yet it is the future of telecom and it does work for other people why is your company so problematic. The issue is that you really need to have one company that will have your back. One place to call that will not give you the runaround and make excuses.

Well VoIP is not like other antiquated services. It does require a qualified company that can and will address three areas critical to having good quality VoIP. These areas include the right national network. There is tweaking the local area network with best practices for VoIP delivery. Lastly, grooming your internet connection properly. I do encourage you to make sure you understand all three areas of service. How are they are providing your service and how it is being delivered.

The Local Area Network (LAN) must be groomed for VoIP. The need insure you have QoS or CoS. ( Quality or Class of Service) enabled. If your LAN is not properly groomed nothing will work right. VoIP is very sensitive to network delays and congestion.  Choosing a provider that handles LAN issues will take a huge headache off your shoulders.

The next area of headaches happens to be with the internet connection. If not performing well, you cannot expect a good sounding voice call. Latency is the number one issue all VoIP providers seek to overcome. It is the difference between a good call, a bad call, or no call at all.

So, the question becomes how do you harmonize all these technical areas. It is simple, choosing a provider that can and will provide all these services or provide assistance into these areas.

We at EverTech VoIP do this every day.

Make your life easier …….

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