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Is Covid-19 Complicating your Communications?

The pandemic of Covid-19 has propelled the work force into working from home like the world has never seen before. Companies have had to come up with new and innovative ways to manage their productivity while keeping their employees socially distant. This has resulted in a huge boom of remote employees, some full-time remote and others part time remote with a rotating office staff. Company’s want to keep their employees safe from Covid-19 but the new remote work culture has complicated staff’s ability to communicate with each other as well as customers. Unified Communications is the key to solving your Covid-19 communication complications and problems.

Unified Communications by EverTech allows your employees to communicate no matter where they are. This flexibility is crucial to maintaining communications between employees and customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unified Communications allows your staff to connect to their business line from any device from any location. This maintains and protects employee’s personal information even if they login from a personal device which is becoming more and more commonplace in this work from home era.

Working from home is becoming a new normal for many businesses, it allows for employee flexibility as well as less overhead costs for employers. Covid-19 may have been the driving force behind the work from home movement but even has the pandemic becomes a problem of the past, work from home is likely here to stay. Remove the complications from your communications and convert your dated phone system to a Unified Communications VoIP system.

The Covid-19 communication complications may not last much longer, but an upgraded phone system will permanently unify your communication system especially because unlike traditional phone systems, unified communications are scalable without any constraints. The ability of your clients and employees to communicate anywhere anytime is an investment that will continue to return to your business on many levels. Your business phone system should be an innovative information technology solution, not a constraint. Don’t let Covid-19 complicate your communications, contact EverTech today about Unified Communications with our premium VoIP solutions.

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